How it all began?

Do you probably expect us to start with an exciting, heartbreaking story that will squeeze a tear out of you and lead to booking places online? Well then that’s not the direction we are typical Jerusalemites who love the joy of life.
Come on, let’s make it short and sweet: four friends who wanted to provide a complete culinary experience on the purity of upgraded Kurdish cuisine (is there a Kurdish one at all?) In a Greek / Mediterranean / Daklan atmosphere.
The start was on the mythical Shikma Street right on a street parallel to the Mahane Yehuda market so that the chef is entitled to be able to walk a few steps (by the way he claims he does 10,000 steps every day) and buy the freshest and most worthwhile products. After three intense years and many waiting lists we moved to Agrippa Street and this time much larger (150 seats).
Next we opened next to the restaurant the Jacko Sun cocktail bar that specializes in Asian cuisine and in order to get there you will have to go through a refrigerator, in short we run out of time we need to get ready for service, see you yes !?

Rafi Revivo

Zakai Huja

Uri Abras

Yotam Nissim

לשירות לקוחות
לשירות לקוחות
Jacko's Street
שלום רב
מסעדת הגקו סטריט סגורה בימים אלה עקב המצב.
נשמח לראותכם בסופר המזרח, מסעדה אסיאתית חדשה שפתחנו בימים אלה בדרך בית לחם 34
ניתן להזמין מקומות במספר 02-6237190

Dear customers,
The jako Street is closed these days due to the situation.
We will be happy to see you at Super Hamizrah, a new Asian restaurant that we opened these days, at 34 Beit Lehem Road
Reservations can be made at 026237190